Thursday, March 21, 2013

Trying Something New

I decided I wanted to try something new; dance in a style I'd never tried before. I found a modern group called Artists, Interrupted who were looking for a dancer and it seemed like a perfect fit. I have learned a lot of things.
  • This is the first piece I've been in where the music is tertiary, at best. The entire piece was choreographed and rehearsed without ever using music. We finally ran the piece with the music at our last rehearsal, just to get a vague feeling for it. (We perform on Saturday.) The music is kind of the same note over and over, with no discernible phrasing and no difference in intensity or volume. So it doesn't matter that I utterly ignore it when I dance because no one else is bothering to count it either.
  • This is the first dance I've been in that is so closely tied to text. The choreography is based off of a Shakespearean sonnet and each word gets a movement--one movement, no more and no less. I'm used to telling a story based on text. I kind of feel like Jeffrey Tambor in Muppets From Space during his "welcome to Earth" bit.
  • I learned that there isn't a map of the Salt Lake City Public Library online. Sure, I know where the building is, but I'd like to know where to find the Urban Room. And I wonder if it was named after Urban Meyer? 
  • I'm trying really hard to look less "ballerina" and more . . . whatever it is I'm supposed to look like. I may not be succeeding here.
All in all, I'm glad I tried something new. If you want to come watch, the performance is this Saturday (March 23) in the Urban Room of the SLC library at 1:00 p.m. It's free.

And there's no picture for this post because I don't have an attractive picture of me from rehearsals.

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