Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I ❤ Parent Observation Days

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There are so many reasons I love having end-of-year parent observation classes.

  1. Parent observation classes are free. There aren't performance fees, costume fees or tickets to buy.
  2. I can get much better pictures of my kid dancing.
  3. My kid basically dances the entire time. I'm not sitting through a two-hour show waiting for one particular two-minute dance.
  4. These classes showcase everything dancers have learned over the year; choreography on stage doesn't incorporate every single element.
  5. These classes give me a chance to observe the teacher too. I think it's important to feel really comfortable with the teacher.
  6. Parent observation classes happen in an environment kids are already comfortable in. It's much more fun for everyone when kids aren't nervous.
  7. We don't have to spend a lot of class time learning choreography. That means we get to spend more time on classwork, which means the kids look even better when it's time for the observation class. It creates a positive feedback loop.
  8. It's a nice chance for the teacher to get to know the parents. Sure, we see you in the hallway, but it's always nice to make a connection. And in this instance we connect over how wonderfully your kid is doing.
  9. Having an audience motivates kids to work just a little bit harder than usual, so the classes are lots of fun to teach.
  10. It's a great chance to teach parents a little bit about what their kid is working so hard on. Many parents don't have a dance background so it's nice to do a little outreach.
  11. When the class coincides with kids moving into another level or a new teacher coming in, it's a great way to introduce the kids to the new teacher. They get to see the teacher while the class still feels very familiar and the new teacher gets to see exactly what level the kids are at.
  12. My boss always orders really yummy cookies for the parent observation classes.
There are other reasons, but my brain stopped working once it remembered how much I love those cookies.

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