Sunday, March 10, 2013

Picking a Class for Your Preschooler

Me explaining a sauté
A number of people have asked me about how to pick a dance class for their preschooler. I'm about to be a little blasphemous here but here's my take: If your kid is under the age of eight we don't need to worry so much about amazing technique being taught. If you can find a teacher who trains gorgeous dancers, so much the better. But when I picked a teacher for my daughter, when I recommended a studio for my niece, and when I give friends my opinion on where to take their kids it all comes down to three things.

  1. Is the commute something you can comfortably do?
  2. Is the cost of lessons affordable for your family?
  3. Does your gut feel good about this teacher for your child?
You don't need to have any dance expertise at all to make these decisions. You just need to know yourself and your kid.

Number three is so important. A dance teacher can be a powerful influence in your child's life so it absolutely matters how you feel about them. And a good teacher for your friend's kid might not be a good teacher for yours. For example: I have a pretty loud voice and a fairly large personality. When I get excited (say, by three-year-olds accomplishing something new) those tend to get even bigger. If your preschooler is afraid of adults with loud voices I am not the right teacher for you right now. I am a good teacher, but not the right fit for you. 

It's better to find the best teacher for your kid. We'll all be happier.

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