Thursday, March 14, 2013

Faster Internet!

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Yesterday our internet was upgraded to fiber. Win! Also, I got to have this conversation:

Installation Guy: I know you from somewhere.

Me: [blank stare]

IG: Seriously. How do I know you?

Me: Well . . . we had some trouble with our connection when we first moved in. Did you come out to work on it then?

IG: No. I've never been to this house before. But I know I know you.

a few minutes later
IG: What's your job?

Me: Um, I teach ballet.

IG: I knew I'd seen you before! You're my daughter's teacher!

In all truth, if I'd know that a student's dad was going to be in my house I would have made an effort to clean it first. But he's a cool guy and professional so I'm sure he didn't bother judging my housekeeping skills. And I have an a super-fast connection now. 

I love living in the future!

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