Monday, March 18, 2013

Auditions Remind Me of Baking

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(And in this context I mean auditions for specific shows more than auditions for summer programs.)

There are tons of articles out there with good advice for auditioning (get plenty of rest, eat a good breakfast, wear a leotard you feel comfortable in, etc.). To all that, I'd like to add my own perspective.

Cut yourself a little slack.

The people casting a show are kind of like bakers. They already have a recipe in mind. They already know what ingredients they need, and in what quantities. 

The dancers are (obviously) the ingredients. If your personal flavor is chocolate but they're casting for a fruit tart, you probably aren't going to get the part. Does this mean that no one likes chocolate? No way. It just means that you weren't the right fit for that show. And what if there are three dancers auditioning who are kind of peppermint-y? They can't all be cast--too much mint overpowers the rest of the ingredients. Does that mean peppermint is bad because it's so strong? No. The Girl Scouts wouldn't have nearly such a stronghold on cookie sales in March if it weren't for peppermint. (Confession: Thin Mints are one of my favorite things ever.)

The hard truth is that sometimes you don't get cast. Sometimes it's because your technique genuinely wasn't good enough and it's important to honestly admit that to yourself. But once you reach a certain point it's more likely that you didn't get the part because you wouldn't fit the costumes they already had made, or they really needed someone with a different style, or sometimes it comes down to something like hair color. There will be many times you aren't selected because of reasons that are out of your control.

You are still a good dancer. By all means, keep going to class and getting better. But remember that you're good.

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