Saturday, March 9, 2013

Geek Cred Challenged

my plush salmonella

Someone recently asserted that I am not geeky. I beg to differ. Being geeky really just means you're exceptionally enthusiastic about something. So, really, I'm geeky about ballet, science, grammar and bedtime. But in case you want to know how stereotypically geeky I am, here's a (non-comprehensive) list. 

I have a poster illustrating subatomic particles in my spare bedroom. While I don't own anything Hello Kitty, I do have a Hello Schröddy T-shirt. And a Soft Kitty plush toy. (That one was a gift. I don't actually like cats but my daughter thought I needed a stuffed animal.) I also have a plush salmonella microbe. It lives in my kitchen because I think it's funny. There is also a Batman poster in my kitchen.

I have seen every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation multiple times. I have read The Nitpickers Guide for Next Generation Trekkers, The Physics of Star Trek and A Brief History of Time. My husband has conversational Klingon cassette tapes and I haven't "accidentally" thrown them out. My ringtone is Felicia Day's "Do You Want to Date My Avatar?" and the last time I sewed elastics on some ballet slippers I watched episodes of "Tabletop" the whole time. 

I have test tube-shaped cookie cutters. I've been to TEDx. My husband gave me a copy of 1984 for our first Valentine's Day and I liked that. I know why some people dress up as Darth Vader the day before Cinco de Mayo. The last time my internet went down I had to explain to the customer service rep what Cat 6 cable was.

I named my cell phone "Aki", my desktop is "Kissy Suzuki", the iPad is Vesper Lynd, and the external hard drive is "Pussy Galore". You Only Live Twice is my favorite Bond movie, but if you've been keeping track of which movies those names came from you've probably already figured that out.

I think you might have been keeping track of which movies those names came from.

ThinkGeek is one of my favorite catalogs/websites. In addition to the other products from that site mentioned, I also have ninjabread men cookie cutters, a Self-Rescuing Princess shirt (I earned that one) and a BSG shirt. I currently have 1,000 geek points awaiting redemption on the site and at least three Timmy stickers floating around.

Whenever someone uses my toaster I refer to it (the toaster, not the act of toasting) as "frakking". I think it's a travesty that "Firefly" was cancelled and if I ever get to go to lunch with Joss Whedon I'll probably be so excited the event will be nothing but me choking on my beverage. And then I'll brag about it. I've already asked for permission to use an xkcd comic on my headstone. I know where my towel is.

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