Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sissone Tip

I'm full of good explanations
I started teaching sissone en avant this month. The trouble we're having is that some kids are trying to do a grand jetĂ© instead of a sissone. So I've been explaining that sissone goes up before it goes out. Apparently it's a fairly tricky concept.

Last night I talked about how sissone is a fireworks step. Fireworks go way up in the air before they explode. "What happens if fireworks explode before they go up?" I asked.

"They blow up people!" was the emphatic, and correct, response.

"Right," I said, "Mass carnage is bad."

And then, in a moment of reserved brilliance, one of my very quietest dancers muttered, "Bless their hearts."

I laughed out loud. 

I take my work very seriously, but I also manage to have a really great time. 

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  1. "Mass carnage is bad." I think you and I have very similar teaching styles. :)