Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back in Class

Sorry, I only have pictures of me teaching
The studio where I normally teach/take class is closed this month. Fortunately I found a great adult class nearby. Adult classes can be really hit-and-miss but this one is taught by a great teacher, Kayci Kirkham.

I've taken class from Kayci before (a year or two ago) and I thought that she was inexperienced but would become a very good teacher. She isn't inexperienced anymore! She is young, but she's great! She was Vagonova-trained, so there were some minor differences from what I'm used to, but what really made the class excellent was her use of imagery.

I am totally going to incorporate her imagery into my own teaching. I have been getting corrections on my port de bras for 20 years and tonight I actually understood what everyone has been trying to teach me! She talked about taking the bottom of my scapula and wrapping it around my ribcage and into my core. (It makes more sense when she's actually manipulating your arms.) I am going to be working on this for a while.

She also talked about using my feet like suction cups and I really could feel an improvement in my pliƩ in petit allegro. I was connecting my energy so much better than before.

And, as always after any break, my posture wasn't perfect. Kayci connected my posture to my hamstrings and helped me release tension in my shoulders by lengthening my back.

Oh, and she talked about imagining your belly button as a black hole so that the upper abs lifted and connected to the spine.

Tonight was the beginners class and I'm almost nervous to take the advanced class. But I'll be going back on Thursday because she is such a good teacher. A word to the wise: Center Stage isn't great about keeping their adult class schedule updated online so if you want to join me I recommend calling to verify the class time.

Taking class from a great teacher is an amazing experience!

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