Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Grocery Store is My New Nemesis

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I am a meticulous list-maker. You would think that would make me a great grocery shopper but, oddly, it doesn't. I have detailed lists of the ingredients I need to cook dinner but I somehow never know what to get for snacks. Fruit, cheese, whole-grain crackers, nuts, yogurt . . . what? And it all seems to get eaten so quickly.

(Confession: it may seem to get eaten so quickly because I've been shopping something like every ten days so the kitchen is totally bare by the time I drag myself to the store.)

And then there are the snacks that I won't buy because I'll single-handedly eat all of it before anyone else knows it's in the house (chips and salsa, I'm looking at you).

I realize that this is totally a first world problem and I am so incredibly lucky to be able to waltz over to the grocery store any old time and buy fresh, healthy foods for myself and my family. For crying out loud, I even managed to find fresh lemongrass yesterday. 

But keeping our house stocked with food you can eat without an hour of preparation is a weakness of mine. So I'm asking for help. (Personal growth, here I come!) What staples do you buy each week?

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  1. We have a bread maker, and t=I have foundthat the key is to get a good cookbook for it. Now, all I have to do is measure out a few dry ingredients, plug it in, and we can have fresh bread everyday. The recipes are good and they have fixed it so that your bread doesn't taste like yeast, because with many bread machines that was a problem, especially when they first came out.

    Also, since they are probably easier to find near you, I would hit up the Hispanic grocery stores. You will find awesome deals on vegetables there.