Friday, April 12, 2013

They Missed the Point

The other day a couple of firemen came to the studio. They were examining the businesses in the complex to make sure that if there was an emergency we could all get out quickly. We passed. That's not the point.

The firemen had never seen a ballet class before. We had a great opportunity to do some informal outreach and our office manager did a terrific job of answering their questions. That's not the point either.

The dancers the firemen were watching were our pre-professional company and a surprising number of them were unnerved having an audience. This surprised me. I mean, ballet is a performance art. The goal is to someday have someone watch what you're doing. The girls in class were so preoccupied being nervous about having an audience that they missed what I consider to be the high point of the day.

The point is this: Guys, look at the hot firemen. Yay!

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